Argonaut: The Essential Unified Developer Platform for AWS and GCP

2023-05-024 minute read

Argonaut is on a mission to make it easier for developers and teams to deploy and manage their applications on the cloud. We are building a unified developer platform that stitches together CI/CD pipelines, secret management, IaC, and FinOps into a single, easy-to-use platform.

Each team is unique and has its own set of tools, processes, and workflows. Most importantly, each team has its own history of decisions and tradeoffs.

Argonaut is designed to fit into your existing workflow. It is designed to work with your existing tools and processes. It is designed to help you standardize the way you deploy your applications within your context so you can focus on what matters to the business.

Let's see how.

Deployment Processes

According to the State of DevOps survey, the single strongest indicator of high-performing teams is release velocity and the ability to deploy to production at any time. However, every team and service has different needs. Argonaut supports a variety of processes, including custom triggers and disabling automated deploys entirely.

Argonaut supports AWS and GCP as deployment targets. You can choose to deploy to one or both of these cloud providers. For resources provisioned by Argonaut, the terraform code is autogenerated and, tf state is managed. You can also roll your own infra and manage it outside of Argonaut. Using our flexible pipelines, you can easily deploy an application to multiple regions.

Argonaut automatically configures your CI/CD tools to function as the build substrate using under the hood. This can be extended to any build system you want, including Jenkins, CircleCI, Buildkite, etc. though we have deep integrations with GitHub Actions and GitlabCI.

Deployments are managed by ArgoCD, which is a declarative GitOps tool. This means that you can define your desired state in a Git repository, and ArgoCD will ensure that your actual state matches your desired state. This enables you to have consistent and reproducible deployments. Secrets are stored securely with Argonaut and injected to the application at build or deploy time. Reusing secrets and integration with secret managers that you already use and love is coming soon.

This means that you can use terraform to provision your infrastructure and ArgoCD to deploy your applications. This is a powerful combination that enables you to manage your entire infrastructure and deployment lifecycle using a single tool.

Observability and FinOps

Viewing logs and metrics is a critical part of managing your applications. Argonaut integrates with your existing logging and monitoring tools to provide a unified experience. We handle it on two levels - there is a native log and metrics viewer in the UI, and we also integrate with your existing tools like Datadog, New Relic, Mezmo, SigNoz, and Splunk.

With the Argonaut notifications, you can get notified about your deployments via Slack, Discord, Teams, or email.

Argonaut integrates the functionality of to provide inline cost visibility. This means that you can see the cost of your infrastructure right next to your code. This enables you to make cost-effective decisions while developing and deploying your applications.

We going to be doubling down on this very heavily in the coming months. We are going to be adding more features to help you manage your cloud costs and optimize your cloud spend across your entire cloud footprint.

Argonaut's Solution

Argonaut provides a unified interface for platform engineering and DevOps teams to enhance engineering productivity. It is designed to fit into your existing workflow and processes. It is designed to help you standardize the way you deploy your applications within your context so you can focus on what matters to the business.

Here's a quick summary of what Argonaut does.

What Argonaut does


  1. ArgoCD
  2. Infracost


  1. Terraform cloud


  1. Kubernetes PaaS
  2. Pre-built terraform modules
  3. Multi-cloud multi-cluster deployments
  4. Notifications
  5. Drag and drop CI/CD pipelines
  6. ClickOps
  7. Secret management
  8. Utilization metrics (basic)
  9. Preview environments (coming soon)
  10. Cost optimization (coming soon)

Don't overwork to make it work. Use Argonaut to simplify your deployment process and make it more efficient.

If you want the benefits of an IaaS with the simplicity of PaaS, we believe using AWS with Argonaut is the way to go! Give it a whirl here.

The documentation is here.

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