Release Notes: Mid-May 2022

2022-05-163 minute read

Hello everyone, welcome to our Mid-May release note. The past two weeks have been especially busy. We have an updated internal workflow to align the engineering team’s efforts with the 2-week release note cadence. We’ve spent several hours crushing bugs to ensure smoother and faster deployments for you. Let’s get to it.

ADDED - Multi-org capability

Argonaut now supports Multi-org capability. With the help of our user management partner Frontegg, we now allow users to be associated with multiple organizations. Now you can easily deploy and ship even more without the hassle of managing multiple accounts.

Head on to the top right corner of our new navigation bar and select or add a new organization.

Navbar Org switcher

Multi Org Diagram

ADDED - k8s app configuration page

An improved configuration page to manage and configure your Kubernetes apps. You can update your build, select environment, manage secrets, and more from here. Further configuration options are coming soon.

k8s configuration page UI

CHANGED - Navigation

Your apps deserve all the attention. We have moved the navigation to the top to allow more space to see your app details. The new Navbar comes with Applications, Infrastructure, Docs, Settings, Slack, and an Org Switcher. You will also see the page title to the left to give you visibility of which page you are in.

Navigation update

ADDED - Get and update Kube-app configurations

Users can now get their Kube-app’s current configuration file and make any edits to it as well.
Get current app’s configs:

  • Complete values provided
  • Git configuration
  • History of releases along with values provided
  • History of git commits used to deploy the app

Update the app’s configuration by changing the config in git and saving it in database. You can make the change in your art.yaml file, GitLab CI, or GitHub workflows. The UI update also some of these funcion with more coming soon.

Kube App Configurations


For k8s, app logs can be viewed from the pods and deploy logs from the configuration tab.

For lambdas, build is in the deployment list and the app logs from cloudwatch logs can be accessed with the provided link.

Logs update

Other minor fixes:

  • Improved logs experience with a new font, UI alignment, and more
  • Better error messages added
  • View deployment history in the deployments tab
  • Refresh button added to the applications page

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