Release Notes: September 2022

2022-09-302 minute read

Hello! Welcome to our September release notes. The changes we have this month make it easier for you to manage your subscription, work with your Git source and manage infrastructure.

ADDED - Self-managed GitLab support

We now support deployments of apps hosted on GitLab self-managed. Self-managed GitLab allows you to deploy your install and maintain GitLab instance on your own infrastructure or in a public cloud environment running Linux. When adding GitLab as your version control, choose the self-hosted option and enter the following info (URL, APP ID, App Secret) to connect.

GitLab Self-managed

ADDED - Billing Page

Billing management and picking a plan is easy. You can manage this under Settings > Billing.

NEW - Infra screen

Upon creating an environment, you will come across our slick new Resource Creation screen.

New Infrastructure screen

NEW - Delete Environment

You can now quickly delete all your environment resources along with the associated infra, and apps in one go. This also takes care of VPCs and other environment resources created by Argonaut without any dangling resources.

Delete Environment

From the deployments tab, select any of the Git commits IDs. The commit IDs link directly to their respective commit on GitHub or GitLab.

CHANGED - Improved Secret management

We’ve updated our backend secret structures to manage both environment secrets and secret files seamlessly. This way, the Runtime and Build time secrets are managed better with higher standards of encryption and improved security.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Hosted zone ID is now marked required while setting a custom domain for Lambda apps
  • Create app form will show only when a cluster is available
  • Create infra resources is only enabled when env is ready
  • More pointers from different screens to create a cluster
  • Default standard values are filled for cloudSQL forms
  • Minor vocabulary changes throughout Argonaut
  • Marking an environment creation as in progress and serializing creation of infra with dependencies

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