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art configure generate-aws-credentials

Generates AWS Config credentials for session


For accountID specified, this command will generate AWS AccessKeyID, SecretKey & Session token credentials. When specified --format it will return commands to set environment variables & if not specified, it will return json having keys

art configure generate-aws-credentials [--region region] [--format format] [flags]


## Generate AWS Creds: output json
art configure generate-aws-config --region us-east-1
## Generate AWS Creds: output export commands
eval $(art configure generate-aws-config --region us-east-1 --format eval)


      --format string   output format default is json can be override by eval (default "json")
-h, --help help for generate-aws-credentials
--region string AWS Region for the credentials (default "us-east-2")

Options inherited from parent commands

      --key string      art key (clientID you get when a token is generated from the ui)
--secret string art secret (secret you get when a token is generated from the ui)


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