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Helm Charts

You can easily deploy any Helm chart in your environment.

Deploy a new Helm chart

  1. Go to Applications > Deployment > From Library.
  2. Choose your environment.
  3. Click on Custom-Apps.
  4. Choose your cluster.
  5. Input the required values:
    • Namespace: The namespace in where you want to deploy the Helm chart. For example, if your environment is named dev, this should be dev in most cases.
    • Release Name: This should be the name of that instance of the application.
    • Repo URL: The complete URL of the Helm chart repo.
    • Chart Name: The name of your chart in the Helm chart repo. If the chart URL is {repoalias}/{chartname}, you should put the {chartname} in this field.
    • Version: An optional parameter. It is used to fetch a specific version of the Helm chart for installation. If you don't specify any value, it will assume the latest version.
  6. Load values.yaml file to fetch the default configuration and make modifications before deploying.
  7. Click Install custom.

Deploy a Helm chart

Wait until the deployment completes to see the application along with the rest of the deployed apps in that environment.

Update a deployed Helm chart

  1. Go to Applications.
  2. Click on the Helm chart application that you want to update.
  3. Choose your new version from the Helm Chart Version dropdown.
  4. Ensure that the Compare values.yaml toggle is turned on.
  5. Click Load values.yaml to see the diff between the values.yaml file of the two versions.
  6. Optionally, you can edit the values.yaml file of the new version.
  7. Click Update.

Update a Helm chart