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Mezmo (LogDNA)

Follow these steps to deploy the Mezmo (LogDNA) agent using Argonaut to your Kubernetes cluster. This has to be setup separately for each cluster you want to monitor.

Get the Mezmo (LogDNA) Ingestion API Key

You can get the Mezmo (LogDNA) Ingestion API Key from the Mezmo (LogDNA) dashboard. You can find the API key in the Ingestion API Keys section of the Mezmo (LogDNA) dashboard.

Setup Library App in Argonaut

Add an application

  1. Click on the +Application and the From Library button.
  2. Choose custom helm chart.
  3. Select the cluster you want to deploy the ingestion agent to.
  4. Set the namespace you want to deploy the ingestion agent to be tools
  5. Set the release name of the application to mezmo-logdna
  6. Set the chart name to agent
  7. Set the chart repository to
  8. Leave the chart version blank. It will be automatically populated.

Configure the application

In the values section, add the following:

key: <logdna-ingestion-key>
tags: <tags>

Modify the resource limits and requests to suit your needs. Some examples of tags you can use are production, staging.

Click on the Deploy button to deploy the application. This could take up to 2 minutes.

Once that is complete, you should see the application in the Applications tab in the Addons section. You can view the application logs by clicking on the Logs tab and modify the configs.