Features V1


Developer experience is at the heart of everything we do. The workflows are designed to help teams get started rapidly while setting them up for internet scale with no engineering debt.

Developer centric workflows

No overhead of learning tool specific DSLs and maintenance. No yaml hell.


Substitutable tool-chains so you can always use your favorite tools

Cost optimization

View cost insights the context of deployment workflows


Logging, monitoring, alerting, distributed tracing out of the box - in context.

Pre-built templates

Templates for uniform best practices across services and easy environment management

Open ecosystem

Fully integrated with the Cloud Native ecosystem. No lock-in.

Features V2

Developer centric workflows

Push to git and it just works, with zero downtime deployments.
Direct integration with version control provides automation without writing a single line of code or configuration.

Replace your cloud console

Manage the infrastructure and the applications that run on it from one dashboard, while maintaining context. The observability stack is deeply integrated to provide a complete DevOps experience.

Features V3