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Argonaut is a control layer that automates infrastructure provisioning, deployments, and helps teams navigate a complex DevOps landscape.

โฐ TLDRโ€‹

  1. Automatically generate infra as code using terraform on your cloud
  2. App deployment automation - CI / CD with github integrations
  3. Deep integrations of observability and a host of other tools into your workflow in one click

๐Ÿค• The problemโ€‹

  1. Teams don't realize they spend 30% of their time on infrastructure wrangling
  2. All companies go through a similar trajectory of building infrastructure that looks something like
    1. Single production environment with direct deploys
    2. Multiple environments but no logging or monitoring
    3. Introduce CI / CD
    4. Hire a team and migrate onto kubernetes
    5. Introduce terraform or other IaC
  3. Hiring good DevOps engineers is hard
  4. This leads to anti-patterns such as
    1. Observability of services and infrastructure is an after-thought
    2. Platform security best practices are not built into the product from the get-go
    3. Planning for a stack migration from say, Elastic Beanstalk onto ECS
  5. Navigating the multitude of tools to be integrated is a pain.
  6. This is a detraction from building stuff that users want

This is a multi person-year evolution that all orgs go through.

โœจ๐Ÿงช The solutionโ€‹

Argonaut is a control center to manage infrastructure, deployments, and third party apps on your cloud which provides:

  1. Git based workflows for infrastructure and application management
  2. Fully integrated with your favorite tools (github, AWS, GCP, terraform, datadog, grafana, ...) and a full fledged third party app library
  3. You have full source and configurations of what is running on your cloud
  4. No lock in. We hate lock-in as much as you do.
  5. Made for fast paced startups, with no limitations on what you can do external to Argonaut

๐Ÿ™‹ Who is it for?โ€‹

  • You just don't have the time for infrastructure automation and CI/CD.
    • Bonus: you are doing this fully aware that you will have to pay the debt a few months down the line?
  • You need to migrate off Heroku to AWS but don't want to think about it now
    • Eg. once your credits run out, or you need services like RDS, S3, managed queues etc.
    • You split your resources between heroku and aws
  • You think setting up observability stacks and letsencrypt are should be automated in 2021
  • You want multiple environments setup without hassle
  • You want to get started with kubernetes but are skeptical of the challenges (and rightfully so)
  • You can't seem to find a DevOps person

If you answered YES to any of those questions, we should talk.

๐Ÿค Offerโ€‹

  1. Argonaut will handle everything for you (devops as a service) - without you lifting a finger
  2. Infrastructure as code, and CI/CD - no lock in, you have full source
  3. Observability stacks and dashboards for monitoring your apps
  4. Autoscale
  5. Prioritizing any features for your use cases

Argonaut is your extended team. Any migration efforts are included with the subscription including containerizing services, re-architecture, and consultation.

Ready to deploy?

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