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About US | Argonaut

Last Modified: 17 February 2022

Argonaut was founded in 2021 with the mission of automating deployment workflows on the cloud.

Putting together a suite of tools for mature infrastructure is complex. It involves stitching together many point solutions for needs like IaC, CI/CD pipelines, application runtimes, observability, security, collaboration, cost control, and so on. This is a multi-year journey and is simply out of reach without deep investment.

Some of the issues teams face are: • Lack of one place to look at infra, apps, metrics, and logs in context • Fragmented toolchains and tool-specific DSLs • Tool and cloud lock-ins

Argonaut takes away these laborious processes around infrastructure and deployments enabling engineering teams to move swiftly.

This turned out to be such an important problem that we had a customer before even starting work on the product.

We were funded by YCombinator as a part of the S21 batch shortly after we started building Argonaut. This doubled as a great opportunity to work with other high growth companies and validate the market.

We raised a pre-seed round of $1.58M from YCombinator, QuietVC, Grix VC, Integrity, and a collection of angels to put together the right team on this ambitious journey. A note on that will be posted here soon. ‍ If you like what you see, we are hiring. Join us.