Release Notes: Early April 2022

2022-04-182 minute read

Welcome to Argonaut’s first-ever release note! Going forward we’ll be sharing a short compilation of all our new features, updates, and fixes on a fortnightly basis. Join our public slack community to be on top of all the latest feature releases and product announcements.

ADDED - AWS Lambda deployments

Now deployments on AWS Lambda are as easy as any other Argonaut deployment.

New AWS Lambda Deployment

ADDED - AWS IAM login support

We now support login to AWS account using IAM. Ensuring you get more secure & seamless access to your AWS resources. Additionally, you can now use the invite links to invite collaborators to your Argonaut account.

IAM Login

ADDED - App details view for your Lambda deployments

Now get a deeper dive into your Lambda deployment and have customization options right at your fingertips.

Lambda Application Details

ADDED - Dark mode

Introducing dark mode on Argonaut, to support your 3 AM deployments. The Argonaut speed you love, the dark shades that drive you. Head on to ‘Settings > Dark’ mode to switch now.

light to dark_1.gif

ADDED - Lambda App Deployment Logs

Find the logs for the application you’re working on with ease.

Lambda Deployment Log

ADDED - Error Page

Errors are inevitable. This error page brings you back to safety.


CHANGE - Enhanced Lambda Deployment Logs with Table view & more

‘Environment > Logs’ now contains a log of all deployment activity including create, update, and deletions. Get expanded info on any log by clicking on it. The log specifics view now supports a table view for improved readability. In addition, you can also view your commit ID right from the log.

Table View in Log

Other minor fixes -

  • UI elements, text, changes to work efficiently with the new dark mode
  • Vertical margins to terminal
  • Correct creation time shown
  • Fixed certain instances during onboarding that caused our app to crash
  • Removed extra height on Logs pages

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