Release Notes: End-of-May 2022

2022-05-302 minute read

Hello everyone, welcome to the end-of-May release notes. We now support even more frameworks and bring integration with Devspace to speed up the development lifecycle. This is a Going forward, our release notes will shift to a monthly cadence.

ADDED - Support for Java apps in Lambda

You can now deploy your Java web applications on Argonaut. Argonaut's base image for JAVA extends the lambda/java base image provided by AWS by adding Spring, Maven, Ant, Gradle, CMake, and sbt.

Java webapps

ADDED - Rapid development with Devspace

The dev inner loop in kubernetes environments can become quite tedious, having to wait for a build and deploy of the image to complete for every code change. You can now use Devspace to make that much faster. Set your Devspace configurations using Argonaut cli. You can switch between your various profiles (environments) & set context with a simple command.

To initialize the devspace config, use the below command in your project directory:

1art devspace-init --env <environment> --cluster <cluster-name> --app <argonaut-app-name>

To separately set the devspace context, you can use the below command:

1art devspace-context --env <environment> --cluster <cluster-name> --app <argonaut-app-name>

Other minor fixes:

  • Make Lambdas and k8s apps deployment pages consistent
  • Disable Application and Infrastructure pages until Cloud-connect setup is completed
  • UI alignment, dark mode, and consistency bugs fixed
  • Fixed error that came up when updating apps
  • Fixed a UI error where the app link wasn’t mapped to the correct environment
  • Improved k8s app details page performance

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