Release Notes: July 2022

2022-07-293 minute read

Hello and welcome to our July release note. This month, we present a slew of features and updates that allow more informed use of your infrastructure and make it quicker to access. There are a lot of quality-of-life improvements this month. Let’s get right into it.

ADDED - Cost estimations for your infrastructure

Argonaut now provides cost estimations for your infra components while you create and update a resource. With updated real-time pricing, we automatically calculate the estimated cost based on your instance type and parameters. We provide these estimates for AWS resources that you can provision using Argonaut.

Cost estimates

ADDED - Custom apps workflow

Creating and modifying custom apps now has a new flow with more customization options. You can bring your own helm chart, choose your environment and cluster, and also check the ingress configuration reference and values.yaml files before installing.

Install custom Helm charts

Modifying your custom apps has been made easier with a side by side views of the current and new versions of your app. You will also be able to edit chart details from this page.

Modify your custom apps

ADDED - Faster infra pages

Your infrastructure page now loads faster with all your infrastructure components and their last modified time and status. Note: we only store the status of updates made through Argonaut.

The History tab provides a timeline of CRUD operations on that particular resource. Along with this timeline, you can also check the logs of previous actions.

The Outputs tab now makes the terraform outputs of your resources available.

Infrastructure page

ADDED - Restart pods from UI

You can now restart pods of an app from the UI without doing another deployment. The restart button is available at the top right of your Kubernetes app pages.

Restart pods from UI

CHANGED - Loadbalancer information

Loadbalancer information have moved from the infrastructure page to the specific app's page under the DNS section.

Loadbalancer from app page

CHANGED - Deleting an environment

Previously, deleting environment didn’t delete load balancers. That is now handled as a part of the clean-up process. There is a follow-on coming soon to remove all environment resources including VPCs when an environment delete is triggered.

Other improvements and fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the environment name and cluster name had to be the same for pods to be fetched successfully
  • Flakiness in creating apps (record not found errors)
  • Deleting an app now brings you back to the app list page
  • Dark mode styling fixes
  • art CLI delete functionality fix
  • Gitlab integration robustness
  • Update versions of apps including security fixes to ingress-nginx, prometheus
  • Make User IP available to the app with X-Forwarded-For headers
  • Reduce log verbosity for background apps
  • Make readiness and liveness probes optional while creating a kubernetes app
  • Dockerfile field placeholder text while creating a k8s app is made unambiguous
  • UI styling improvements
  • Handle corner case in setting app secrets from the UI
  • App pod logs not loading for some apps
  • Top bar styling changes

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