Release Notes: Late April 2022

2022-04-282 minute read

This month, our fully remote team convened for a week-long in-person work session. This was great for strengthening team bonds and efficient collaboration.

ADDED - Drag & Drop feature to autofill secrets

Secrets can now be added from the file, duplicates are overridden. We’ve now improved secret management with the use of your .env file. You can find this feature on your k8s app conf page, deploy app page, and lambda app page.

Drag and drop .env files to add secrets

ADDED - Neater notifications

More intuitive, distraction-free notifications for you.

Toast notifications

ADDED - New Empty application screen

A fresh new way to get started is here.

New Empty App page

ADDED - Python apps on AWS Lambda

We now support Python on AWS lambdas out of the box, including Django apps. Test it out with our example app here.

Python apps on AWS Lambda

ADDED - Go as a build source in Lambda

We now support Go as a build source in Lambda deployments.

Argonaut + Go

CHANGED - Cloud Connect & Version Control Moved to Settings

Cloud connect and version control can now be accessed from settings.


Other minor fixes:

  • Several UI discrepancies addressed
  • Reverse primary & secondary buttons on cloud connect
  • Empty app screen being shown when k8s apps were present but no lambda apps were deployed
  • Cert fetch issue resolved
  • Redirect on entering incorrect URL
  • IAM Banner animation improved
  • Redirect Gitlab integration to the same URL as the host

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