Release Notes: May 2023

2023-05-313 minute read

Welcome to our May release notes! This month's updates include several small quality-of-life improvements to create a smooth user experience. We have optimized our front-end code to load much faster, updated the container registry section, improved RDS restore from snapshot flow, and made many more minor changes.

This month was also our second annual company retreat, where we met as a team - bonded, unwinded, and refreshed amidst nature in Meghalaya. Check out the experience here.

NEW: Container registry section

The Container registry section in the Settings > Connections tab now also shows the associated project with the Container registry and more information like username and the type of registry.

Container registries

NEW: RDS restore from a snapshot

A new and improved flow for when you plan to restore from snapshot. The improved form now provides separate fields for creating an RDS instance and restoring one from a snapshot.

RDS restore from a snapshot

CHANGED: Secret files have their extension names

Recently, we made some changes to the way. Secret mounts display filenames. Previously, the UI did not show file extensions, which could confuse users who needed to know the file type. Now, with our updated system, file extensions are appended to filenames so that users can easily identify the type of file they are working with.

CHANGED: Standardized time format in UI

The time displayed reflects the browser time and hence the user’s local timezone. Previously, all times were showing in UTC. We have now also standardized the time we show in the UI in the following format - 1:07 PM, 11 May, 23.

CHANGED: Improved GKE pricing estimates

Previously, our GKE pricing estimates weren’t taking into account the node count across the 3 availability zones. This caused confusion and unexpectedly high bills. This has now been fixed, and additional tooltips have been added to the GKE cluster creation UI.

GKE node pool pricing

CHANGED: GKE Node pool name

The GKE node pool size name validated is now done in the UI. Names must be 8 characters or lesser. Previously, longer names used to get appended automatically, but now they that’s no longer the case. You will not be allowed to create a node pool if the size doesn’t meet the mentioned criteria.

Other minor changes and fixes:

  • Ingress-nginx version now anchored to v4.6.1 for both GCP and AWS clusters
  • In AI Assist mode, any error from Open AI’s API will be shown to the user

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