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New with Argonaut

We overhauled the Argonaut user experience with a more responsive design and new live components in a compact and functional UI. With new capabilities like multiple node group support, GCP integration using a service account, and better interaction with your Version Control Systems. Read more on these and our other updates in our November Release Notes.

7 tools to help save on Kubernetes costs

Kubernetes costs run high due to various reasons, and it can be hard to keep track. Use these tools to reduce costs and save more on your Cloud bill.

Top Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Tools of 2022

Benefits of using IaC for your infra with a comparison of vendor-neutral options like Terraform, Crossplane and cloud provider options like AWS CloudFormation, and Azure Resource Manager.

Kubernetes News

Kueue for batch workloads

Kueue is an open-source job queueing controller designed to manage batch jobs as a single unit. It is built to work with k8s components like the kube-scheduler and integrates seamlessly with autoscaling, even in cloud environments with heterogeneous resources.

ICYMI: Kubernetes 1.25

Kubernetes v1.25

includes 40 total enhancements and the removal of PodSecurityPolicy. Add minReadySeconds in StatefulSets in stable, NetworkPolicy Port Range in stable, Promoted Local Ephemeral Storage Capacity Isolation to Stable, and much more.

Open Source Tool

K9s Kubernetes cluster overview

K9s is a terminal-based UI to interact with your Kubernetes clusters. K9s is able to track and report real-time activities of resources running in your Kubernetes cluster. It also provides additional drill-down into workload-related resources. And supports RBAC with reverse lookups.

AWS Improvements

AWS re:Invent recap

We saw some major announcements this year like, Lambda SnapStart for Java functions that make startup time up to 10x faster, and the preview of OpenSearch Serverless to run large-scale search and analytical workloads without the need to configure and optimize clusters. With new instance types like Hpc6id, Inf2, and upcoming ones like C7gn, R7iz, and HPc7g. 

A full round-up of re:Invent announcements can be found here.

AWS now has 30 regions worldwide

In November, AWS announced three new regions. Making it a total of 30 regions and 96 availability zones (AZs).

  • Hyderabad, India (ap-south-2) with 3 AZs
  • Zurich, Switzerland (eu-central-2) with 3 AZs
  • Aragón, Spain (eu-south-2) with 3 AZs

IAM supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) devices

Bringing the leading security best practice provides an additional layer of security to your account. It is now possible to add up to 8 MFA devices per user, including FIDO security keys and TOTP tokens.

Centralized logging for windows containers on ECS and EKS

The new Fluent bit container images for windows server allows customers to process and forward container logs to AWS and third-party destinations like CloudWatch, S3, Datadog, and Splunk.

AWS Resource explore

Resource explorer

is the quickest way to search across your resources spanning multiple regions. Users can search using a name, tags, and IDs by using CLI, AWS SDKs, or the Console. It is available at no extra charge.

GCP updates

Now in GA

  1. Batch
  2. Dynamic compression for Cloud CDN
  3. OWASP Top 10 mitigation options
  4. Google Cloud Carbon Footprint
  5. Carbon emissions estimates

5 new Google Cloud regions

Austria, Greece, Norway, South Africa, and Sweden.

New: Chronicle Security Operations

Chronicle Security Operations combines the capabilities that many security teams depend on to identify threats more quickly and rapidly respond to them. It unifies Chronicle’s security information and event management (SIEM) tech with the security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solutions from our Siemplify acquisition and threat intelligence from Google Cloud.

New flexible CUDs with up to 46% savings

Hardware updates

  1. C3 Compute Engine VM family powered by Intel 4th gen Xeon scalable processor with Google’s custom Intel IPU
  2. Cloud TPU V4 Pods, ML infrastructure for training large-scale ML models with high-price performance and carbon efficiency

Cheatsheet: Google Cloud

Google’s cloud ecosystem has over 100 products and services. This developer cheatsheet gives you quick access to them all and groupings in both list and map views.

GCP Cheatsheet

Tutorial Spotlight

Here’s a tutorial on how to connect your APIs directly to downstream services to reduce latency times. Post by Allen Helton for AWS Heroes.

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