Cloud Bulletin | Issue 6 - May 2023

2023-05-045 minute read

New with Argonaut

Stay in sync with your team's deployments with our Notifications feature rollout. Get notified in-app, on Slack, on Teams, or by email. That and more in our April release notes.

We've put out two new blogs this month talking about Internal Developer Platforms (IDP). See how an IDP can help your team be more productive, explore popular IDP tools in the market, and find tips on setting up your IDP using open-source solutions.

Kubernetes News

E2E testing best practices

In Kubernetes 1.26, the test/e2e/framework was migrated to Ginkgo v2, adding new primitives for cleaning up and aborting test suites. For Kubernetes 1.27, most tests were modified to support these changes and with infrastructure and guidelines in place.

Query node logs using Kubelet API

Cluster administrators often struggle with debugging malfunctioning services on nodes and typically resort to SSH or RDP for viewing logs. The Node log query feature simplifies this process by allowing administrators to view logs using kubectl, which is particularly helpful for identifying issues with Windows nodes and container setups.

StatefulSet start Ordinal migration

Kubernetes v1.26 introduced a StatefulSet feature that allows for easier migration across clusters by enabling a StatefulSet to be responsible for a range of ordinals. This is useful in cases such as scalability, isolation, cluster configuration, and control plane upgrades where a StatefulSet needs to be migrated to a different cluster without significant downtime or risk.

Open Source Tool Spotlight

Essential Kubernetes Gauges (EKG) by Nobl9 provides a way to easily monitor the health of a Kubernetes cluster using Service Level Objectives (SLOs). These prefabricated SLOs, acting as a check engine light, measure the reliability of various aspects of a cluster, allowing adjustable goals for improved cluster performance.

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IAM live by Iam Mckay makes generating a least-privilege IAM policy from AWS calls easy using client-side monitoring (CSM) or embedded proxy. It does this by monitoring the AWS calls you have made. There are several ways to install and get started, including Lambda and Docker.

AWS Improvements

Amplify Flutter GA

With v1.0.0, developers can now target six platforms - iOS, Android, Web, Linux, MacOS, and Windows, with a single codebase while delivering a consistent experience across all platforms thanks to the updated Flutter Authenticator UI library, now entirely rewritten in Dart.

Spot Placement Scores with EC2

Spot placement scores on AWS APIs and EC2 Spot requests console offer likelihood of success ratings for Spot Instance requests, enabling cost optimization, increased confidence, and better decision-making for uninterrupted workloads.

AI updates!

Amazon Bedrock (limited preview) is a new service to accelerate your development of generative AI applications using foundation models through an API without managing infrastructure.

Amazon Titan foundation models are pre-trained on extensive datasets, making them strong and versatile. They can be used directly or customized with your data for specific tasks, without needing extensive annotations.

Amazon CodeWhisperer (GA) is an AI coding companion that generates real-time single-line or full-function code suggestions in your IDE to help you build applications faster, available for free for individual use.

GCP updates

Observability in Compute Engine (GA)

Infrastructure Operators can efficiently monitor and troubleshoot their VM fleets using a tab that provides key health metrics, logs, and anomaly highlights. Users can access insights on CPU, memory, network, disk, live processes, system events, and live logs within a single interface.

Canary deployments using Cloud Deploy

Google Cloud Deploy supports Canary deployments across all target types, including the following: Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Run, Anthos, and multi-targets. You can also customize between automated, custom, and custom-automated types of Canary deployments.

Custom modules in Security Health Analytics

Create custom detectors that scan Google Cloud resources and policies for vulnerabilities or compliance violations. You can create these modules using YAML and Common Expression Language (CEL) expressions or through the Google Cloud console.

TF modules to manage Log Analytics

You can now set up Log Analytics on Cloud Logging buckets and BigQuery-connected datasets by utilizing the following Terraform modules:

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Cheatsheet: kubectl

Blue Matador's AWS CLI cheatsheet is an excellent resource for managing AWS resources across various accounts, regions, and environments using the command line interface. It enables manual control of services or the creation of automated scripts for more efficient management.

Tutorial Spotlight

Are you still making these 5 rookie mistakes on AWS? Get them addressed right away! Blog by [Matthias Nösner](http://

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