Release Notes: August 2023

2023-08-312 minute read

Hello all, welcome to our August release notes. This month, we have several quality of life improvements ranging from pipelines and many other pages.

NEW - Triggers as stages

Each pipeline has a Git account and repo associated with it. The trigger details have been abstracted out to a separate node, and in the future, we're going to be providing even more options for triggers.


NEW - Standalone builds and deployments

By Abhijit

The build and deploy stages are now made standalone. Users can now choose their own build images and deploy them using Argonaut’s pipelines. Soon we’ll be introducing a stage for custom scripts as well which would give more functionality combined with these build and deploy stages.

ADDED - Timeout

By Ankit

The infra/builds/deployments/pipelines pages now have a timeout added. This timeout mechanism is used to reflect if any of the long-running backgrounds end up in a stuck state. Previously these would continue to show as running without any checks.


By Subham

The PR link message is now shown near the pipeline configs instead of in the build modal.


CHANGED - Invite team member flow

By Subham

The ability to invite team members using an invite link has been removed since it is no longer supported by our user manager tool Frontegg. You can now still add your team members by adding their Name and email from the Settings > Administration page.

Other minor changes and fixes

  • External link not picked up correctly for apps in GCP
  • Fixed environment creation failures for GCP
  • Update argonaut charts to populate subpath from persistent storage
  • Fixed an API failure when two deployments are deleted simultaneously
  • Fixed deployment failures caused because of server-side apply. ArgoCD fails with a comparison error
  • Added load balancer URL in add-ons details screen
  • Some styling changes like color shade changes, replacing icons with new ones, and making buttons more prominent
  • Upgraded internal dependencies and code refactors

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