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How BHuman achieved effortless cloud-agnostic deployments for their AI solutions?

2023-07-243 minute read


BHuman is an AI-powered SaaS tool for personalized video generation for outbound sales. It enables users to create and share personalized video content at scale, which leads to massive gains in campaign opens, clicks, and conversions. BHuman’s tool is used by companies across the globe and from industries like automotive, sales and marketing tools, and e-commerce.

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The team at BHuman was… superhuman. The product consisted of ~15 containerized services which were deployed onto Argonaut over two weekends. The dev environment was up and running, which was quickly followed by the production environment deployments and a full switchover in the following week.

Most of the services were written in Rust for performance reasons and containerized for portability.

Prior to this, the team spent $10,000 on a 3-month long project to have terraform for the entire infrastructure. However, this turned out to be a significant effort in maintenance and the decision was taken to shelve the terraform code and use Argonaut’s modules directly.

The team at BHuman evaluated a few options for a deployment automation platform and chose Argonaut as it was superior in terms of cost, flexibility, and developer experience.

Instead of constantly thinking about infrastructure, CI/CD processes, and hiring a DevOps engineer for these, we only spend time developing our applications. Argonaut has increased our productivity and made us much faster. Because DevOps is overhead.

  • Software Engineering Lead, BHuman

Multi-cloud deployments

The BHuman stack was built using cloud agnostic tools - containers, postgres, s3 compatible storage etc. Initially, all deployments were on AWS. Over time, the decision was made to split some environments to run on AWS while others would run on GCP. Specifically, the workloads that powered the AI models core to the BHuman product at runtime required GPUs and were run on GCP.

There were two key benefits that Argonaut provided:

  1. A uniform developer experience across multiple clouds with no learning curve or time wasted on infrastructure specific quirks.
  2. One-click enablement of GPUs for workloads.

With Argonaut, the BHuman team was able to deploy services to multiple clouds and expand product lines easily without any effort on infrastructure.

DevOps efficiency

BHuman has no infrastructure or platform engineers. The 25-people team has been able to set up automated deployment pipelines for a variety of workloads, GPUs for AI apps, administer cloud infrastructure across multiple clouds, and manage multiple environments via Argonaut, all the while focusing on application development.

Our automated deployment process allows BHuman to ship rapidly. The simplified UI lets their dev team access and manage the necessary configurations in a consistent manner without fiddling with CLI or docs pages. Argonaut enables their entire developer team with a self-serve solution for all their infra and app deployment needs.

Get started with Argonaut now. Sign up for a free account and deploy your first app in minutes.

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