Release Notes: August 2022

2022-08-303 minute read

Hi, here are our updates for the month of August! Bring out the airhorn - Argonaut now supports GCP. We’ve made a bunch of other improvements to the platform focused on keeping the deployment flow super easy.

Oh, ICYMI, we have a new landing page and product video!

ADDED - Deploy to GCP

You can deploy your Kubernetes apps to GCP via Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). Connecting your GCP account, creating infra, and deploying apps, is just as easy as deploying to AWS. Get started with this guide.

Today, we support the following resources - GKE, GCS (Google Cloud Storage), MySQL, and PostgreSQL. We will be continuing to add more in the coming months.

We also support container registries from Google Artifact Registry (GAR) by default. You can find this under Connect Source > more either during deployment or while editing an existing app.

GCP on Argonaut

ADDED - Files as secrets

Secrets got better. You can add Secret files to your Kubernetes environments both on AWS and GCP. These secret files are things such as SSH authentication secrets, TLS secrets, Immutable secrets, and more. You can add multiple files up to 1MB each. And also set read-only (ro) or read-write (rw) permission for each of the file(s).

Secret files

ADDED - Git apps / Add-ons switcher

We’ve reorganized your Kubernetes deployments. From the app-list page, you can switch between your GitApps and your Add-ons (custom helm apps & essentials).

App list page

If you’re deploying your first app, selecting Deploy your first app from your environment on the app list page auto-selects your chosen environment. You will see the custom app screen if you have selected add-ons and Git repo if had selected Git Apps.

CHANGED - Git selection screen

The updated Git source selection screen brings more clarity to selecting your Git source and repo. The added repo icons make it easy to identify your current source. The change provider tab now has new tiles with GitHub and Gitlab options. The Account, Repo, and Branch fields make it easier to choose the correct location.

Git source

CHANGED - Deployment screen

The sidebar has been removed from the deployment screen. What was it doing there anyway in the first place?

App page

Other improvements and fixes:

  • Page loader animation changed
  • Multi-line secret support
  • Clicking on “Raise a PR” to deploy now expands within the window frame
  • Pretty print TF outputs for your infra components
  • Enhanced drop downs across the app
  • New empty app-list page
  • Ability to hide/show library apps
  • Have ssl-passthrough AND real-ip header forwarding work simultaneously
  • Upgrade Prometheus, ingress, and autoscaler for stability and security enhancements

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