Release Notes: July 2023

2023-07-313 minute read

Hello all, welcome to the July release notes. This month, we’ve added new cost dashboard and reports to Argonaut. Try it out now! Along with it, we’ve made enhancements to pipelines, revamped add-on apps, upgraded k8s, and many more styling improvements. Let’s dive right in.

⭐ NEW - Cost dashboard

By Subham and Aadhav

Cost Dashboards are designed to provide full visibility of AWS cloud costs in three intuitive, pre-built dashboards. We’ve designed them keeping in mind the various resources our users have running across regions that are connected to multiple AWS accounts.

The three basic dashboards are - All Accounts, All Regions, and All Resources. Each dashboard gives you the option to customize the date range and provides a graph as well as a table view. The option to export the dashboard will be available soon.

Cost dashboards

You can sort any column of the dashboard’s table view. And the cost difference indicator is an easy way to check whether your cloud spending is on the right path.

⭐ NEW - Cost reports

By Subham and Aadhav

Cost Reports provide a more customized view of your AWS costs. There are no limits on the number of reports you can create. This provides full customizability using the available filters.

Once your connection is successful, we create three reports for you by default. These are named All Resources, All Regions, and All Accounts. Below, you can see what the All Resources report looks like with our sample data.

Check out our Cost feature launch blog for more details.

<<<<<<< HEAD

Here's our quick-start guide for our new cost features.

Here's our quick-start guide for our new cost features.


Cost reports

NEW - More info on pipeline nodes

By Prajjwal

We’ve added more information to the pipeline stage nodes to provide you with more details at a glance. This can be seen in both the build and deploy stages. If your deploy stage has a host URL set up, you will also see a link to that.

Pipeline nodes

NEW - Revamped add-on apps

By Abhijit and Ankit

The add-ons flow has been revamped to allow deployment using Argo CD and GitOps principles. This gives users a better overall experience that includes options to add runtime variables, secret mounts, and custom Kubernetes Manifests. Additionally, the APIs are also improved, which will result in a significant performance boost for the user.


CHANGED - Notification channel

By Prajjwal

There’s now a simpler way to remove the workplace notification channels that you have connected from the Connections page. Click on the Remove Integration (X) icon to easily remove an integration.

Notification channel connection

CHANGED - K8s v1.27 version upgrades

By Ankit and Pavan

EKS version 1.27 is live, and any new cluster created by the customer will be created in the 1.27 version. For customers still using previous versions, we are getting in touch in the coming days and will perform upgrades based on customer-preferred time slots.

GKE cluster upgrades to version 1.27 will start in the first week of August.

CHANGED - Styling enhancements

By Subham and Ananya

The Container Registry screen now has icons and enhanced styling. Several other screens have improved colors, and inconsistencies in input fields have been fixed.

Other minor improvements and fixes

  • Backend Terraform fix for failing infra-create flows
  • Automatically deletes Argo CD and the cd integration when no cluster is present for the workspace
  • Allow stripe discount code on checkout

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