Dynamic cost dashboard with custom reports

Unleash the power of data-driven decision-making with custom-built cloud cost dashboards. Proactively manage your budget, uncover savings opportunities, and streamline FinOps.
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👁️ Overview of your cloud spending

See your cloud spend at your fingertips. Toggle between graph and table views and export data easily.

🎨 Customize with group, sort, and filters

Group your costs by cloud account, by resource, and by regions, for your chosen timeline. Sort and filter for custom views.

📉 Generate and save custom reports

Create reports with multiple filters, save it for easy access.

💽 Resource-level drilldowns

Access details of resource-level costs incurred and optimze for savings.

Access controls and collaboration 🤝

Improve your team’s collaboration and pace of shipping by providing self-serve capabilities. Set up multiple workspaces to manage controls
Trend indicators
Get to know your spending trends at a glance.
Cost management permissions
Provide read-only access to your account.
Unified dashboard
View costs of multiple cloud accounts from one place
Fastest improving platform
Continuously rolling out features so you stay ahead of the curve
For our IoT platform, uptime for our infra is crucial. Using Argonaut, we could easily set up and manage our entire cloud, which can scale with our workloads with minimal effort. Our deployments to multiple multi-cloud accounts for our customers is also seamlessly handled from one place. Without it, we would have had to invest in massive tooling in-house instead of focusing on product development and growth.
Gautam BT
CEO of Bytebeam