Unleash AI/ML magic
on your cloud

Easily create and configure vector databases, self-host workflow managers, and cloud infrastructure in one place.
Provision dedicated GPUs to for AI workloads.
ML engineer workflow. Vector DBs and deploy GPUs.

Looking for hosting solutions for your LLMs?

Using Argonaut, you can self-host your LLMs on Kubernetes environments in AWS and GCP without having to worry about privacy, scalability issues, and the infrastructure grunt work. Join our waitlist.

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Deploying LLMs using Argonaut with ease

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1. Give permissions to your cloud
Connect your AWS/GCP account to Argonaut. Using a service account key, we securely manage your resources and environments.
2. Create a kubernetes cluster with GPUs
Create GPU-enabled Kubernetes clusters with UI or using raw yaml values.
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3. Pick model to deploy from Huggingface or Replicate
Pick your model from Huggingface or Replicate and deploy. Fully customizable infra and deployments.

💽 Self-host vector databases

Self-host vector databases like Weaviate and Chroma. Enjoy benefits of reduced latency and increased control over data security and privacy.
Self host vector database like Weaviate and Chroma
Autoscaling with KEDA

📊 Autoscaling with KEDA

Argonaut handles the autoscaling for your apps with KEDA with complete flexibility of scaling strategy customizable to the requirements of each workload.

📓 Your choice of tools

Bring your tools of choice to your cloud environment. Easily host Jupyter Notebooks, Airflow, dbt and more.
Bring your choice of tools, Jupyter notebooks, airflow, and more
Provision and leverage GPU for your workloads

⏩ Kubernetes clusters with GPU support

Deploy and manage dedicated GPUs in your clusters via AWS and GCP in one click.

Access controls and collaboration 🤝

Improve your team’s collaboration and pace of shipping by providing self-serve capabilities. Set up multiple workspaces to manage controls
Integrate with vector databases
Self host chroma, weaviate in minutes or use the hosted versions
Autoscale your apps
Customizable austoscaling strategies that work out of the box
Choose your tools
Integrate with tools like airflow, dbt, and others, easily
GPU nodes in k8s
Speed up your training with dedicated GPUs
Instead of constantly thinking about infrastructure, CI/CD processes, and hiring a DevOps engineer for these, we only spend time developing our applications. Argonaut has increased our productivity and made us much faster. Because DevOps is overhead.
Lead Developer at Bhuman.ai