Welcome to the next-gen
Cloud Orchestration Platform

Get complete control and visibility into your cloud operations, with a unified interface for Dev and Ops teams. Ship fast and ship often with managed ArgoCD for GitOps, Terraform, and CI/CD integrations.
Argonaut - the next-gen Cloud Orchestration platform
Visibility into infra costs

👁️ Cost visibility for your resources

Get instant cost estimates for all resources created using Argonaut. What’s more, you also get breakdowns of fixed and variable costs. Unified cloud cost dashboard coming soon to Argonaut.

🧱 Build on a solid foundation

Out of the box - GitOps, IaC, Secret-management, CI/CD pipelines, and FinOps. Let Argonaut take care of these while you focus on your application development!
AWS, GCP, GitOps, IaC, built on a solid foundation
Scales along with your team

📈 Scalability advantage without the costs

Embrace the full power and flexibility of Kubernetes and the developer experience of a PaaS. Build on enterprise-trusted best practices for cloud apps and infra management.

🕹️ Self-serve: More power to developers

Save months’ worth of effort in building your own internal platform and tooling. Enable developers to go further and faster with our self-serve platform. Along the way, also save money on establishing an Ops team.
Self-serve capabilities for your developers

Access controls and collaboration 🤝

Improve your team’s collaboration and pace of shipping by providing self-serve capabilities. Set up multiple workspaces to manage controls
Ship faster
Bring your Devs and Ops teams together and ship faster
Unified view
Manage all apps on AWS and GCP across regions from one place
Import infra
Bring your existing VPCs and Kubernetes clusters
Fastest improving platform
Continuously rolling out features so you stay ahead of the curve
At Writesonic, we strive to be on the cutting edge of technology. That’s why we chose Argonaut to power the deployment of Photosonic on Kubernetes. With Argonaut, we were able to quickly and easily set up our deployments, eliminating manual steps and allowing us to focus on the development and launch of our product. We were thoroughly impressed with Argonaut’s speed, ease of use, and cost-saving capabilities. We’d highly recommend Argonaut for any cloud infrastructure and application deployments.
Samanyou Garg
CEO of Writesonic