A single pane for your CloudOps

Simplified infra management and app deployments.
Managed Kubernetes, observability, secret management, IaC, and GitOps out-of-the-box.
Argonaut - UI dashboard, Pipeline view
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The Argonaut Way

Create and manage Kubernetes environments

Kubernetes management - made easy

Unleash the power of Kubernetes for your apps - auto-scaling out of the box, in-built secret management solution, pod metrics, and more! Easy to access advanced options like node affinity, namespaces, and secret mounts.

Achieve GitOps compliant workflows with pipelines

Enhance your deployment experience with pipelines - customize, save, and replicate configs limitlessly. Enjoy seamless deployment flows powered by ArgoCD.
GitOps compliant workflows

Collab on Apps and Infra using Git

Collaborate on app deploys - create and visualize changes to infra and pipelines, raise PRs for changes. Invite your team into a single workspace. Easily manage multiple cloud and git connections from one place.

Custom cloud cost dashboard

High-level overview of your cloud spending with breakdowns that matter.
Live cost and app metrics

Getting Started

Supercharge your engineering efforts ⚡️ get up to speed in just minutes.Try it for yourself ->
1. Efficient and automated deployments using GitOps practices powered by ArgoCD
2. Save build and deploy configurations, replicate across environments
3. Manage app secrets, file mounts, and env variables with ease
Developer use case
1. Improve team collaboration by providing self-serve capabilities leading to faster shipping of your product
2. Live visibility into infra cost, preview cost before making infra changes
3. Manage both apps and infra without switching context
DevOps use case

Day Zero Integrations

Save weeks’ worth of effort in setting up internal tooling.
We autogenerate Terraform modules for your infra components. Set configurations from the UI with no prior TF experience.
All Git app deployments to Kubernetes are powered by ArgoCD. Efficient and powerful.
Our integration with Dagger enables faster build times for your apps both on GitHub Workflows and GitLab CI.
See live cost estimates and fixed and variable cost breakdowns with our Infracost integration.
Cloud Connect
Connect your cloud accounts once and easily provision infra and deploy apps.
Git Connections
Securely connect your code repo to your Argonaut account. Support for multiple GitHub accounts and self-hosted GitLab.

You need Argonaut, if

You manage your deployments and infrastructure in part manual and part automated manner. But as you’re scaling, it’s all falling apart.
You’re overwhelmed with the multitude of tools that you need to choose from and integrate with.
You’re using a PaaS like Beanstalk or Heroku but now you want an out from their limitations.

Tools getting in your way?

No lock-in: All configurations are designed to be fully customizable and compatible with the broader cloud-native ecosystem.
Fastest improving platform: We ship tens of features and improvements every month to make application deployment and infrastructure management stress-free for you.

Developers recommended. DevOps trusted.

At iTribe, we have been using Argonaut for the past eight months and are extremely satisfied with its performance. It has exceeded my expectations in terms of efficiency and ease of use. Even without a dedicated DevOps team, we could seamlessly deploy all services into different environments with minimal effort. The Argonaut team has always supported us in case of any issues. We implemented continuous integration and autoscaling for all major services. SSL certificates are now easily issued; the Datadog integration helped us greatly, and we’ve added health checks for all services. I highly recommend Argonaut to anyone in need of a reliable solution.
Co-Founder of iTribe
For our IoT platform, uptime for our infra is crucial. Using Argonaut, we could easily set up and manage our entire cloud, which can scale with our workloads with minimal effort. Our deployments to multiple multi-cloud accounts for our customers is also seamlessly handled from one place. Without it, we would have had to invest in massive tooling in-house instead of focusing on product development and growth.
Gautam BT
CEO of Bytebeam
5-Stars for the services we have received from Argonaut. Initially, we were skeptical about moving our production project deployments. We believed in them, and they delivered the best. The 24-hr service from the team has provided us minimized downtime and provided great customer experience. We’d highly recommend them to anyone who wants to modernize their web applications.
Lead Developer at HelpNow
At Writesonic, we strive to be on the cutting edge of technology. That’s why we chose Argonaut to power the deployment of Photosonic on Kubernetes. With Argonaut, we were able to quickly and easily set up our deployments, eliminating manual steps and allowing us to focus on the development and launch of our product. We were thoroughly impressed with Argonaut’s speed, ease of use, and cost-saving capabilities. We’d highly recommend Argonaut for any cloud infrastructure and application deployments.
Samanyou Garg
CEO of Writesonic
Instead of constantly thinking about infrastructure, CI/CD processes, and hiring a DevOps engineer for these, we only spend time developing our applications. Argonaut has increased our productivity and made us much faster. Because DevOps is overhead.
Lead Developer at Bhuman.ai