Cloud controls at your fingertips

Effortlessly manage and maintain cloud resources with Argonaut, leveraging GitOps and IaC practices through ArgoCD and Terraform. Empower your developers with enhanced self-serve capabilities for a streamlined deployment experience.
Ops engineer workflow with Argonaut. Customize K8s, provision infra, check pod health, and create a pleasant experience for your devs
Get an IDP in minutes

⏱️ Internal platform in minutes

Set up a customizable Internal Developer Platform (IDP) for your team in just minutes. Manage multiple cloud accounts, VCS, observability integrations, and third-party tooling from one place.

☁️ Easy environment management

Create environments in just a click on AWS or GCP. Create new resources or import your existing VPCs and clusters. Easily provision and leverage GPU resources for AI/ML workloads.
Fast and easy environment management
Utilization metrics and cost visibility

🔎 Utilization and cost visibility

Get inline cost estimates before creation/updating a resource and overall costs. See detailed Kubernetes pod metrics along with logs and charts.

♾️ Centralized app and infra management

Manage infrastructure resources according to your application needs and define app deployment pipelines in one place. Easily self-host third-party tools via helm charts.
One dashboard to manage app and infra

Access controls and collaboration 🤝

Improve your team’s collaboration and pace of shipping by providing self-serve capabilities. Set up multiple workspaces to manage controls
Unified view
Manage all apps on AWS and GCP across regions from one place
Log management
Search logs and view history for app, infra, and environments
Import infra
Bring your existing VPCs and Kubernetes clusters
Fastest improving platform
Continuously rolling out features so you stay ahead of the curve
For our IoT platform, uptime for our infra is crucial. Using Argonaut, we could easily set up and manage our entire cloud, which can scale with our workloads with minimal effort. Our deployments to multiple multi-cloud accounts for our customers is also seamlessly handled from one place. Without it, we would have had to invest in massive tooling in-house instead of focusing on product development and growth.
Gautam BT
CEO of Bytebeam