Release Notes: December 2022

2022-12-304 minute read

Ending the year on a high note! This month’s release note packs the most features we have added in a single month. Starting with the ability to import your k8s clusters and have customized autoscaling for your clusters. Find all features and improvements below.

Check out our company blog that talks about our approach to redesigning our product and this one wrapping up all our key features and our direction in 2022.

ADDED - Autoscaling with Keda

By Mrinal W, Subham M

We have now added Keda to essentials; this allows customized autoscaling. It can be accessed from the app creation and app update screens under horizontal autoscaling. We have moved from the default Kubernetes autoscaler to Keda. Upon enabling autoscaling, you will see options for Keda configs and set authentication parameters as well.

Autoscaling with Keda

ADDED - Import Kubernetes clusters

By Prashant R

We now support importing Kubernetes clusters to Argonaut. Users can now bring any existing publicly available Kubernetes clusters, including self-hosted and azure, with ease.

It can be added to any valid Argonaut account with an existing environment. The imported cluster lives inside your existing Argonaut environment. You can also import custom registries now. Support for registries linked to AWS and GCP accounts is coming soon.

Import kubernetes cluster

ADDED - External DNS

By Ankit G, Subham M

Argonaut users can now set up by adding it as a library application. Currently, we support route53 on the same AWS account and GCP’s Cloud DNS on the same project. Support for more DNS providers like route53, GoDaddy, and Cloudflare is coming soon.

External DNS support

ADDED - Resource cost estimates on Infra screen

By Prajjwal D, Subham M

Users can now view accurate cost estimates of your existing infra components right on the infra list screen.

see resource costs on infra screen

ADDED - Enabled right-click for several components

By Subham M, Tushar P

Users can now right-click items listed on several pages, such as app deploy, infra page, and env history page. This opens up the default context menu and provides options to open in a new tab/window, etc.

ADDED - Extra annotations

By Tushar P

Users can now add extra annotations for network traffic from the network services settings in their cluster configuration.

Extra annotations to network traffic

ADDED - VPC outputs and history

By Tushar P

Users can now view VPC outputs and the VPC’s history associated with a VPC in a particular environment. Choose your environment > Infra tab > Select the VPC.

NEW - Infra Modules

By Shubham G

AWS Aurora Serverless - Amazon Aurora Serverless is an on-demand autoscaling configuration for Amazon Aurora. It automatically starts up, shuts down, and scales capacity up or down based on the application's needs. It is available for both Amazon Aurora with MySQL compatibility and Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility.

GCP Memorystore - Scalable, secure, and highly available in-memory service for Redis and Memcached.

New infra modules added to AWS and GCP

NEW - Live logs

By Tushar P

Infra and app logs are also live now; they check for changes every 5s. The logs are also available at a pod level and have a new UI to choose between the logs for the various pods.

Live logs

CHANGED - Secure Git connection

By Prashant R

We have integrated GitHub using OAuth flow for a more secure integration, and all-new GitHub integrations will be integrated using the GitHub application OAuth flow.

CHANGED - Group, sort, and collapsable items

By Tushar P

History, deployments, and logs item lists are now sorted by date and are collapsable, making it easier to view the latest changes to your apps and resources. App list items are sorted based on the last updated apps by default.

Other minor changes and fixes:

  • Made terminal scrolling a smoother experience
  • Starting Kubernetes cluster version upgrade from v1.21 to v1.24
  • Fixed issue with the scroll bar on windows
  • Several UI improvements include more space, padding, and new empty screen states
  • Apps in the app list page are sorted by last updated by default
  • Added validations for TCP services external port and TCP network service type is fixed
  • Auto-scroll to the error msg/success message on request success

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