Argonaut's 2022 highlights

2022-12-263 minute read

2022 has been a pivotal year for us at Argonaut. We have delivered on some major milestones in our product. We shipped a truckload of features, changes and fixes to make your DevOps work effortless. Our flagship features this year have helped our users spend less time on managing infra and deployments and more time on building their core product.

Self-hosted GitLab support

We now support deployments of apps hosted on GitLab self-managed.

Mono repo

Users can now have multiple projects in a single repo and use path matching to ensure deploys only when there is a commit to its specific path.

Display all GitHub repos and branches

Users can now access all their repos and branches right from Argonaut.

Connect Multiple GitHub accounts

We provide the ability to connect to multiple GitHub accounts.

🔗 Cloud Integrations

GCP Support

Argonaut now supports Kubernetes deployments on GKE and resources like PostGres, GCS, Redis, and more.

AWS Lambda for serverless apps

You can now deploy your serverless apps to AWS Lambda with a custom configuration.

AWS IAM and GCP service account connect

New options to connect your cloud account with IAM for AWS and service account for GCP.

🏗️ Bring your existing infra

Support for custom helm apps

Bring your helm chart to your environment and cluster of choice, and also check the ingress configuration reference and values.yaml files before installing.

Import your existing VPC

Bring your existing VPC while creating a new environment. Also works with DB subnets.

🎁 Out-of-the-box Kubernetes management

Files as secrets

Directly drop your .env files containing secrets into Argonaut while creating a cluster.

ingress-nginx controller

The ingress-nginx controller provides path-based routing by default.

Added Keda to essentials

Keda integration makes autoscaling in Argonaut easier and improves your resource efficiency.

Support for Kubernetes v1.24

We have upgraded our systems to be compatible with k8s v1.24.

☸️ Running Kubernetes applications

Multiple node group support

Set affinity, and custom labels on both GKE and EKS clusters.

Configure your environments the way you want

More customization options are now available while creating new environments on Argonaut.

DevSpace integrations for faster builds

Set DevSpace commands right from Argonaut’s cli.

🎨 UX changes

Improved onboarding experience

Our UX refresh makes it easier for new users to get to deploy apps quickly and easily.

Dark mode

Stay in your zone while deploying your apps. Click the profile on the top right to switch to dark mode.

Multiple Org support

Users’ accounts can now be associated with Multiple Organizations on Argonaut. Easily create and switch between different orgs from the breadcrumbs menu on the top left.

💰Cost estimations

This year, we have added infra cost estimates for your environments and resources through This provides an estimated monthly spend for your selected resource and instance type and is visible while creating and updating resources.

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