Cloud Bulletin | Issue 2 - Jan 2023

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New with Argonaut

We have made autoscaling better and simpler by adding Keda as one of the essentials. You can also import your existing Kubernetes clusters to Argonaut. Check out all our feature updates in our December Release Notes.

Also, see this 2022 highlights blog covering the top feature release of 2022.

Kubernetes News

Kubernetes v1.26 - Electrifying

Kubernetes v1.26 registries will primarily be posted exclusively in There are improvements to pod scheduling, Kubernetes metrics, and storage. The release includes a total of 37 enhancements and twelve features that are being deprecated or removed.

Release artifact signing

Kubernetes v1.24 onwards are all added to the binary signing process. Signing artifacts provides end users a chance to verify the integrity of the downloaded resource. All client, server, and source tarballs, binary artifacts, and Software Bills of Material (SBOMs), as well as the build provenance, will be signed using cosign. i.e, all artifacts will be shipped with a *.sig or *.cert file to verify their integrity.

Non-graceful shutdown

Non-graceful shutdown feature is now in Beta. The new change allows stateful workloads to failover to a different node after the original node is shut down or in a non-recoverable state, such as hardware failure or broken OS. And the Kube-controller-manager now reports two new metrics - force_delete_pods_total and force_delete_pod_errors_total.

Reminder: k8s v1.21 is being deprecated by AWS EKS in Feb 2023. Use Argonaut for automated maintenance and not having to worry about such issues.

Open Source Tool Spotlight

Opencost is an open-source project for measuring and allocating infrastructure and container costs in real-time. It supports multiple vendors, is built by Kubernetes experts at Kubecost, and supported by Kubernetes practitioners. It works on the metrics scraped by Prometheus and also has added a new UI for cost visibility.

OpenCost UI

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AWS Improvements

Better pricing calculator for EC2

AWS Pricing Calculator has an improved UI to allow pricing generation for EC2 with dedicated instance pricing where you can easily switch between the three tenancy options. It also adds the ability to estimate costs for EBS volumes and Data Transfer and add monitoring costs of detailed CloudWatch metrics.

RDS proxy now available for Aurora Global

Amazon RDS proxy is a highly available, fully managed database that now supports creating proxies in Amazon Aurora Global Database primary and secondary regions. You can now create multi-region databases more with AWS RDS proxies. RDS proxy sits between your application and the database pool and shares established database connections.

Serverlesspresso is now extensible

Serverlesspresso is a multi-tenant event-driven serverless application for a pop-up coffee bar that allows you to order from your phone. Serverlesspresso Extensions is a new program that allows you to contribute to Serverlesspresso.

Amazon EventBridge Scheduler

EventBridge Scheduler is a new capability from EventBridge through which you can create, run, and manage scheduled tasks at scale. It can be used at scale to trigger one-time and recurring tasks from one of 270 services and 6,000+ APIs across AWS regions.

GCP updates


Support for customer-managed encryption keys (CMEK) is now in GA. It also adds support for 85+ new direct events. Direct events provide strongly typed events with lower latency. This makes the total Eventarc-supported event sources 150+ Google and third-party services with 7000+ direct and Cloud audit log based events.

Pub/Sub group Kafka connector in GA

First-party supported open-source Pub/Sub Group Kafka connector is now in GA. This provides a more flexible and simpler way to transmit data at scale between Kafka and Google Cloud. You can perform the entire setup without any code using the cloud data fusion plugins.

GKE Gateway controller

The GKE Gateway controller now supports Global external HTTP(S) load balancing. You can configure GKE clusters with control plane version 1.24 or later in Rapid channel to use a global external HTTP(S) load balancer to expose web services to the Internet, in a single cluster or multi-cluster architecture.

Cheatsheet: Secret management

OWASP’s Secret management cheat sheet covers all the basics of secret management along with insights about using it as a part of one’s CI/CD pipeline and some implementation steps.

Tutorial Spotlight

This tutorial by Tiexin Guo walks you through setting up secrets in Doppler and different ways to use them with your Python project and Kubernetes cluster.

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