Cloud Bulletin | Issue 4 - Mar 2023

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New with Argonaut

Argonaut users can now search within logs and get more detailed information on their app metrics from the monitoring tab. Check our February release notes for all our updates.

From basics to in-depth comparisons in our new GitOps article series. And our latest guides:

Kubernetes News to be frozen

The old registry will be frozen from the 3rd of April 2023 and no Kubernetes and its related subprojects will be pushed there. The new registry,, is where the future releases will be available.

Katakoda tutorials shutting down

The free Katakoda tutorial platform by O'Riely will be shut down on March 31, 2023. To continue your Kubernetes learning, you can check out the tutorials available here.

KubeCon EU

KubeCon EU is happening in Amsterdam from the 18th to the 21st of April. The late registrations close on April 15, 2023. Grab your passes now. Virtual registration is also available.

Open Source Tool Spotlight

Artifact Hub is an open-source project that has over ten thousand Kubernetes packages in one place. Find packages related to etcd, Helm charts, Tekton tasks and pipelines, and much more. Apply filter to easily find Official packages and the right kind of packages you are looking for.

Artifact Hub

Image source:

Easegress is a cloud-native traffic orchestration solution that provides high availability, high performance, traffic orchestration, observability & more.


Image source:

AWS Improvements

EKS now supports Kubernetes v1.25

Users can now use EKS or EKS Distro to run Kubernetes v1.25. Existing clusters can also be upgraded using the Amazon EKS Console. This blog covers the major changes in v1.25. It is available in all regions.

New EC2 M7g and R7g instances

AWS introduces new graviton3-based General Purpose M7g and Memory-optimized R7g EC2 instances. It is expected to have up to 25% better performance than equivalent 6th-generation instances. They also provide higher memory bandwidth and improved floating point, cryptographic, and machine learning performance.

List important deployment information using SAM CLI

v1.72 added the capability to list the following deployment information.

  • List the URLs of the Amazon API Gateway or AWS Lambda function URL. $ sam list endpoints
  • List the outputs of the deployed stack. $ sam list outputs
  • List the resources in the local stack. $ sam list resources

GCP updates

Confidential GKE Nodes are now GA

Confidential GKE Nodes on Compute-Optimized C2D VMs are now GA it. This provides a way to encrypt the memory content of VMs in use. Encryption-in-use is one of the three states of end-to-end encryption.

Anthos hybrid cloud reference guide

The guide walks through Anthos architecture and components, reference deployments as examples, design considerations, and addresses some common challenges that you might encounter.

Internal and network load balancing logs in GA

Logs are now available in GA for Internal TCP/UDP Load Balancers and Network Load balancers Logs. They are aggregated per connection and exported in near real-time, providing useful information, such as 5-tuples of the connection, received bytes, and sent bytes, for troubleshooting and monitoring the pass-through.

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Cheatsheet: kubectl

This docker CLI cheatsheet from Paul's blog covers the essential docker commands to run and manage containers. Along with additional commands to get logs, stats, and utility info.

Tutorial Spotlight

Deploying a Lambda with a static IP by Valentin shows how to deploy a Lambda easily and perform NodeJS SFTP operations using this Lambda.

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Upcoming Events

EventAttendanceLocationRegistration LinkDate(s)
Elastic ONIn-personAmericas - 8 Mar 2023
DevOps fw daysVirtualGlobal Mar 2023
SRECON AmericasIn-personSanta Clara, CA - 23 Mar 2023
Google's Data cloud & AI SummitVirtualGlobal Mar 2023
CDCon + GitOpsConIn-person & virtualVancouver, CA - 09 May 2023
Open Source SummitIn-person & virtualVancouver, CA - 12 May 2023
Hashidays 2023In-person & virtualEurope Jun 2023

Registrations opening in March

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