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CLI - Managing Profiles

Managing multiple argonaut profiles with art-cli

An argonaut user can have access to multiple organizations and will have different profile(client key and secret) for each of these organizations. art-cli enable users to save and switch between multiple profiles.

Configuring new profile

To add a new profile named profile1, run art configure --profile=profile1, which will save the client credentials corresponding to this profile.

Selecting/Switching a profile

There are three ways in which you can select a profile:

  1. To change profile for a single command, use profile flag like art configure --profile=profile1.
  2. To change profile for a termianl session, set ART_PROFILE environment variable.
    • For Linux or macOS, use export ART_PROFILE=profile1
    • For Windows, use setx ART_PROFILE profile1
  3. To change the current profile globally, use configure set command like art configure set profile=profile1