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Migrate from Heroku to Argonaut

Here are the steps on how to migrate your application and resources from Heroku to Argonaut.

We have different pages walking through migrating your different Heroku components to AWS or GCP cloud using Argonaut.

Concept mapping

This table shows Heroku’s features mapped to the corresponding feature on Argonaut.

Web Process (within a Heroku app)Application frontend
Worker Process (within a Heroku app)Application backend
DynoManaged Kubernetes - EKS & GKE
Heroku PostgresRDS (AWS) or Postgres (GCP)
Heroku RedisElasticache Redis (AWS), Redis (GCP)
Heroku SchedulerCronJobs
Config VarsEnvironment Variables
Custom domains and DNSExternal services
Add-OnsCustom Apps
Heroku DeployDeployments

Start your app migration by following these steps to move each of your app services and resources into Argonaut.